Multi-physics Model

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The goal is to repeat the demonstrations showing that the electrical field energy developed by a well-designed Tesla coil transmitter can be detected by a sensitive, well-tuned Tesla coil receiver placed at a distance exceeding a few wavelengths. The present investigations involve scaled-down versions of Tesla`s wireless system such might be assem

Multi-physics Model
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bled by the typical Tesla coil experimenter. The operational power levels are insufficient to excite earth resonance or result in massive atmospheric ionization in the vicinity around and above the transmitter. No provisions are made for the generation of vertical ionizing beams originating at the elevated terminals and projecting up to an elevation of say 8 km where conductivity can more easily be imparted to the air. Measurement of the radio-wave emissions of the refined Tesla coil transmitter is made following guidelines set forth in "FCC Methods of Measurements of Radio Noise Emissions From Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment. " The instrumentation for measuring the radio-wave field strength is a spectrum analyzer with a preamplifier for sensitivity improvement connected to a balanced tuned magnetic ferrite loop antenna. A conventional radio transmitter with a tuned air loop antenna is used to test the efficacy of the radio wave emissions testing apparatus and for calibration purposes. It is to be determine whether the electrical field energy is being carried from the transmitter to the receiver by ordinary radio waves or if some other unidentified, mechanism is involved. This might be satisfactorily demonstrated by showing that a sensitive radio receiver, one capable of detecting signals emanating from a radio transmitter operating at the same frequency as the Tesla coil transmitter, is not able to receive a...

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