Multiple channel SR-Buck converter of the trimmer module VRM of voltage

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

As demand for VRM output current being bigger and bigger, the components and parts of SR-Buck converter can not already meet the demand for the microprocessor 100 A of new generation; In addition, the filtering inductance of making the heavy current is very difficult. Some literature is introduced: Make as output current for and 15 A filtering ind

Multiple channel SR-Buck converter of the trimmer module VRM of voltage
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uctance want, it adopts external diameters to be 12. 7 mm 0. 5 in respectively at the 60 A Or 22. 86 mm 0. 9 in Toroidal core, wire respectively adopt 1. 291 mm 16 AWL Or 3. 264 mm 8AWG. Output current big and wire thick making toroidal core difficult inductance have. In order to solve this problem, it is heterogeneous Multi phase to research and develop one kind SR-Buck converter scheme, are called the multiple channel MulTI-channel SR-Buck converter, several pieces of SR-Buck converter module are connected in parallel, its output is adopted and interlockedinterleaving Control, phase shift control, unite, receive output at the Filtering capacitance. This kind of method can guarantee the output ripple of VRM is little, and tough because the filtering inductance of the output of every SR-Buck converter module is reduced, also improved the output transient response of VRM greatly. Fig. 1 a It is the circuit diagram of 3 passway SR-Buck converters, there are 3 pieces of SR Buck converter module in the picture, each module is by main gas switching tube V, synchronous rectifier tube V, and corresponding control driving circuit And filtering inductance L1, L2 and L3 make up. 3 module fail the intersection of people and end meet, fail the intersection of people and the intersection of voltage and Ui export, adopt, interlock, control respectively, after 3 pieces of module are connected in parallel, receive on the Filtering...

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