Muscular Bio stimulator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

SW1 should be ganged to P1 to avoid abrupt voltage peaks on the `patient`s` body at switch-on, but a stand alone SPST switch works quite well, provided you remember to set P1 knob fully counter-clockwise at switch-on. Some commercial sets have four, six or eight output electrodes. To obtain this you can retain the part of the circuit comprising IC1, R1, R2, C1, C2, SW1

Muscular Bio stimulator
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and B1. Other parts in the diagram (i. e. P1, R3, R4, D1, D2, Q2 & T1) can be doubled, trebled or quadrupled. Added potentiometers and R3 series resistors must be wired in parallel and all connected from Emitter of Q1 to positive supply. Commercial sets have frequently a built-in 30 minutes timer. For this purpose you can use the Timed Beeper the Bedside Lamp Timer or the Jogging Timer circuits available in this Website, adjusting the timing components to suit your needs

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