NE-555 Tutorials

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Following in the footsteps of the `primitive` but quite successful 4 pin OM802 timer IC manufactured by the original SIGNETICS ITT - GEMINI chip fabrication plants way back in 1969 / 1970, a new and very innovative I. C. known as the ` NE-555 ` timer I. C. was released to the market, being introduced around May 1971 by the then Signetics Corporation

NE-555 Tutorials
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, later to be taken over by Philips Semiconductor, then more recently, NXP SEMICONDUCTOR, as a division of Philips. It then became commonly known as "triple-five", the NE-555 / SE-555 which we all know today as the "The Ubiquitous Timer chip" and it was also the very first mass-produced commercially produced timer IC available at that time. The design team could not have realised how sought after this chip was and I am sure many of you reading this will agree, it is without a doubt, the most useful " chip concept " that has endured the past almost two decades of consistent sales and what product shelf life it has had ! No one could have realised back in 1970, just how brilliantly successful it would be, lasting well over 25 years and manufactured by so many companies even today in May 1996and it is very much in demand by the " electronics Industry " today in August 2011, some 40 years later. While on the subject of MIL. SPEC. or Military Specification, it is generally not realised that Mil. Spec. chips are basically the same as any other chip, however their AQL or Acceptable Quality Level is tightened right down and the permissible errors in a sample 100% tested batch are virtually zero, that is to say, in say a batch of 100 chips, 99% passed with flying colours and 1% is a "bit suss" and pass all basic functionality tests however they do not meet the 100% AQL and therefore can be safely sold as garden variety commercial...

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