Night Light Saver

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A Microchip PIC12C508 8-pin CMOS Microcontroller turns a night light on and off with preset time everyday. Save Energy, No EMI, No Battery, Built-in Lamp Fixture, and Peak Shaving It`s time for 8-pin microcontroller Microchip PIC12C508, the SAVER V3. 2, my latest design of a device that turns a night light on and off everyday. The circuit uses only

Night Light Saver
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a PIC12C508 8-pin CMOS micontroller and a small triac, MAC97A6. The Saver V3. 2 also demonstrates the use PCW PIC C Compiler. The schematic of the SAVER V3. 2 is depicted in Figure 1. A transformerless power supply uses Xc of a 0. 22uF capacitor to limit current providing about 10mA current source. The diodes rectifies ac current to dc current which in turns charged to filtering capacitor, 100uF. A 5. 1V zener diode provides dc supply ~5V to the PIC12C508. The microcontroller circuit runs with low power 32kHz X-tal. GP2 connects a momentary button for setting time to 8:00. GP1 drives small dot LED that blink every 5 s for normal running. GP0 directly drives with source current to a small triac MAC97A6. Saver. hex is HEX file suitable for writing the code to the PIC12C508 chip. This file sets time to 8:00 when press S1 once. Time on and off is set to 19:00 to 22:00 everyday. Although the Saver can operate even wrong connection of L and N to the circuit. The author suggests to correct AC line connection to L and N of the circuit. After finished installation, turn the main switch on, functioning LED will blink every 1 second. Let try press S1 once, the lamp will turn on 1 minute then off. The Saver assumes the current time is then be 8:00. Note that every time you press S1, the lamp will turn on 1 minute only once. The day after the lamp will then turn on and off at preset time. Functioning LED will blink at low rate...

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