Nine Tube Stereo Amplifier 1

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

If you want to omit this balance control, such as when using separate pots for the volume controls, see the balance control notes on the 7-tube output amplifier page. `Wes, I used the schematic posted on your site, and built this. modified slightly with separate bass and treble on each channel. also, I moved the location

Nine Tube Stereo Amplifier 1
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of the balance control in the circuit, to lessen the load on the pot. I gave it two sets of switchable inputs. I used handmade parts boards. (similar to a fender) at this point I was testing it out. sounds very nice. I`m driving it with a Grundig Yacht Boy 300. I have to go back in to add the filter choke. I was anxious to try it out. " As You can see from the photos, George did a nice job with chassis layout, and has just done a real first-class job with the layout and construction. The silver top cage gives the finished rig a nice "classic" look. 1-25-12 DC has written me several times with questions and comments about this schematic and was kind enough to share a few photographs of the amplifier he built from it. He has told me it sounds as good as it looks, and I believe it. DC did not use a commercially made chassis box, but built it himself and the results are very nice with the layout, color finish and wood ends. Also note the shielding partition DC built between the power supply and amplifier stages. DC chose the asymmetrical chassis layout you see here for minimal hum. Note the very clean layout that DC designed for the circuit components in the chassis underside views. DC has been very picky about component and interconnect lead dress, and I believe it has paid off in the amp`s performance. If you too have built this amp, then email me a few pictures if you like, and I`ll add them here with a few comments. Just...

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