Norman P2000D Modeling Light Circuitry

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

There are two independent modeling light circuits for the P2000D - one for each of the two channels. The modeling light circuit is completely independent from the high voltage strobe circuitry - to the point of having its own On/Off switch. This means, of course, that just because the modeling lights are working your strobe circuits can be fried.

Norman P2000D Modeling Light Circuitry
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Be careful if someone sells you a pack and says - well I can`t test the strobe but the modeling lights are working. There are two modeling light power level potientiometers on the top panel. These lead to a small circuit board in the top half of the pack. This circuit board uses a fairly simple TRIAC dimmer to control the intensity of the lamps. The output from this board runs via a grey wire to Pin F on the strobe lamp connectors. Return power goes via pin E. I traced out the schematic of the control board as best I could. I did not attempt to measure the value of trim pot and could not identify the DIAC (though I pretty much am sure that it is a DIAC based on other dimmer schematics. ) I then sketched out the basic layout and circuit traces in case I needed to repair this circuit in the future. You can see it below (not entirely to scale ) A quick sidebar - When I started the project I had no strobe head. However I just acquired a Norman TriLite (this is a projector lamp and strobe light in a spotlight type assembly) [more] So now that I warmed up with the modeling light circuit, it is time to start sketching out the high voltage circuitry use for the strobes. As I saw no transformer large enough to be used to step up the mains voltage, I knew that a voltage multiplier must be used. A 2X multiplier would not produce enough voltage but a 3X mutliplier should.

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