OCL Power Amplifier Circuit MJ15003MJ15004 Schematic Diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This power amp OCL 100w is a very excellent sound quality. Since we provide the circuit in look All direct coupling form is connection join together direct all, to cut-off frequency low-loss problems, the super bass really do not tell who. The signal Input of the tone controls enter via C1 to the base pin of transistor Q1, which together with the

OCL Power Amplifier Circuit MJ15003MJ15004 Schematic Diagram
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Q2 is differential amplifier, the signal from the collection pin of Q1 supplied to the bas pin of the Q5, which it acts as the pre-driver circuit. - The transistor Q4 is setting level bias or act as to control Idle current in this circuit. Which we can adjust level idle current by By adjusting the VR1. - The output signal from the Q5 will enter to base pin of Q8, Q9. which acts as the driver circuit. For the signal output to drive the output transistors Q10, Q11. -Check the assembly of all equipment to correct the circuit, without the output transistors, Using a voltmeter measure the voltage at the speaker. By also does not have a speaker. At the end of this process was completed and ready to operate immediately. -Put the power supply to the circuit, then to measure the voltage is 0V or not higher than 0. 25V, if not in this means that the circuit failure, need to check first. -The later, on output transistors, and then use an ammeter to measure the current is supplied with short input circuit. Measuring that positive or negative wire. Then, adjust VR1 until reading about the current 20-40 mA. - For transistor Q4, when the device successfully. Should be installed on the cooling pad. Which installation of the output transistor. To help control the the bias current output relative to the temperature change of the output transistor. - The Diodes Bridge rectifier should be not lower than 5 Amp 100V, The filter capacitor C7, C8...

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