One Amp Battery Charger

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

When I purchased this little charger back in 1970 I didn`t think I`d be writing about it today but here we are! Back then I was a lot younger, I had an old car for transportation, and it had an old battery. It didn`t have a lot of cranking power when the weather turned cold, so I had to find a way to keep my wheels running. This little charger was

One Amp Battery Charger
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the answer to my problems. But I digress. What brings us here today is a friend of mine, asking how to build a battery charger. He tells me that he has a couple of transformers and wonders what else is needed to make one. Well that`s a pretty good starting point having a transformer, and there`s not much more required to complete the job. A charger for a car battery can be really very simple, as long as there is a human to monitor the charging process. Cars and tractors have a Lead Acid wet cell battery, usually 6 or 12 volts. We`ll be looking at this Woodward-Schumacher Electric Corp. One Amp battery charger to get some ideas about what it takes to make one. I did a Google search and found Woodward-Schumacher is still in business designing and selling battery chargers. That is remarkable. To charge a Lead Acid battery is a fairly easy. DC current is driven into the battery from a controlled power source. Controlled to limit the current to a maximum level appropriate for the size of the battery, usually around 10% of the battery capacity. A 100 Amp Hour battery would be 10 Amps maximum, but following the battery manufacturer`s recommendation is always the best option. This One Amp charger can charge a larger capacity battery, it will just take longer to get fully charged. The simplicity of this charger is elegant because of these two parameters, however care must be taken by the person using a unit like this because the...

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