Op Amp 741 Inverting Amplifier Circuit Simulation with output wave form and working

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Inverting amplifier is one of the most popular Operational Amplifier circuits. The output changes in such a way that tries to avoid saturation and counteract the change caused by the input. This makes the amplifier stable. The amplifier tries to resist change and so avoid saturation. we can therefore afford to lose some of this gain by connecting

Op Amp 741 Inverting Amplifier Circuit Simulation with output wave form and working
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a suitable resistor across the amplifier from the output terminal back to the inverting input terminal to both reduce and control the overall gain of the amplifier. This produces a very stable Operational Amplifier based system. The polarity of input voltage gets inverted at the output. If a sine wave is fed to the input of this amplifier, the output will be amplified sine wave with 180 ° phase shift. It has so many applications for example Audio amplifier, Pre amplifier, etc. The feedback will try to ensure that the inverting input is very close to 0v. This is because the difference between the inputs must be only µV if the output is not saturated. The inverting input is called a virtual ground. If Vin rises then the inverting input is greater than non-inverting and so Vout goes rapidly negative until the two inputs are once again equal (orat leastonly µV`s different) For the amplifier to work properly the output must be able to change very quickly in order to react to the changes in the input. This limits the maximum frequency at which the amplifier can operate. The ratio of Vin and Vout depends on the ratio of the resistors in the potential divider and so, at low frequencies, the gain depends only on the values of Rf and Ri.

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