OpAmp based Voltage Translator Ciruit for ADC of Micro-controller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

All the naturally occurring phenomena like sound, temperature and pressure etc, are analog in nature. Therefore to make an micro-controller read analog signal for analog-to-digital conversion process, through built-in analog-to-digital converter (ADC), it is necessary to subject the analog signal, generated by a transducer, to some analog signal con

OpAmp based Voltage Translator Ciruit for ADC of Micro-controller
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ditioning and analog signal processing using analog circuits. The micro-controller can read such a signal, generated by a transducer, only if it has been conditioned and scaled down to a range which micro-controller can read for analog-to-digital conversion. This is necessary in particular for micro-controllers like AVR, PIC and Free-scale which have built-in ADCs. These micro-controllers usually operate with 5Volts power supply. The circuits shown in the Figure1 below is appropriate for scaling down the transducer generated voltages to 0-5 Volts range. This circuit can translate the voltage falling in some other voltage range ( like -5 to +5 Volts or -10 to +10 Volts etc. ) to 0-5Volt range so that a micro- controller, being operated from 5Volt power supply, may read this signal, through its ADC input, without getting damaged. A sinusoidal input voltage of frequency 1KHz and -5V-to-+5V peak-to-peak voltage has been applied to the input of this circuit, which is translated to a sinusoidal output voltage with peak-to-peak amplitude varying from 0-5 Volts.

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