Oscillator circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

It is a low frequency Wiew bridge sinusoidal oscillator for the audio range with very low distortion, useful to test a variety of audio equipments. The circuit has been fully tested and a PCB circuit board is available to easily mount all components. The circuit uses only one integrated circuit, some passive components and is able to provide more

Oscillator circuit
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than 15 V peak-to-peak or 5V RMS with a distortion less than 0. 1%. In addition it uses a FET transistor to control the output amplitude and maintain it flat across the frequency range. The circuit has been designed to use a single uA747 chip that includes two op-amps inside. The first op-amp (U1A) is configured as a Wiew bridge oscillator with very low distortion. The rotary switch SW1A, B provides the connection to six different resistances and capacitor couples to cover six different audio frequencies. The operating frequency can be easily changed using the formula in 1. The second op-amp U1B is used as an inverting output amplifier to decouple de circuit from the load and increase the output signal up to 15 Volt peak-to-peak. For those that would like to build the Wiev bridge oscillator, a professional made PCB and a complete kit with all parts is available. The PCB is small and able to accommodate all components.

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