Oscillators 5

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

LM311 is a comparator, It operates from single 5V supply or dual supplies, input current 150 nA, 50 V-50 mA output drive capability. TTL-CMOS compatible output. The Output is open collector so it can sink current but cannot source, a totem pole output can source and sink. In this Circuit R2 is the source or pull-up. The Output being high or low depends on which input is more dominant or positive.

Oscillators 5
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If + or non-inverting input is more positive than the inverting input then output of LM311 is high impedance or high Z as output transistor of LM311 is turned Read More 74HCU04 is a chip that was made for this purpose, HCT may not work for such a circuit. C1 and C2 can go to upto 33pF and R2 can be increased to make R2 * C2 = t. Time constant much less than the period T of the crystal T = 1/F. This is to remove higher frequency components in the Oscillator. The circuit above is a parallel resonant oscillator circuit. The Crystal works by the piezoelectric principle, piezo means pressure. The electric field causes the impedance of the crystal to change. The LP Record Player needle is the Read More The 555 Astable oscillator gives a square wave output at pin 3, The output drives two LEDs, LED1 lights up when pin 3 is low and LED2 when pin 3 is high. de_gads_top The 555 can source (LED2) or Sink (LED1) upto 200mA. It can even drive a small motor or lamp with diodes added to protect from inductive kickback. Vary Ra, Rb and Ct and see the change of frequency, period and duty cycle. These are the formulae used by 555. T1 = 0. 693 (Ra + Rb) * Ct charge time of Ct T2 = 0. 693 (Rb * Read More This is a unregulated supply for low power circuits. You may be able to regulate the outputs with zeners or small regulators like 78L05. The transformer can be hand wound in a mini ferrite pot core. you can use 2N2222 or any other fast...

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