Outdoor surveillance with condenser microphones

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Condenser Microphones typically sound better than dynamic microphones. If you are unfamiliar with these two types of microphones you may want to read about them in this Wikipedia article. Electret condenser microphones have to little plates (capacitor), one of which vibrates in the presence of sound. The varying capacitance is turned into an elec

Outdoor surveillance with condenser microphones
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trical audio signal by a tiny built in pre-amplifier. So this type of microphone needs an electric current to operate. Besides sounding good, condenser microphones typically have better sensitivity. Also condenser microphone elements are typically smaller than the dynamic type and many condenser microphone elements are very inexpensive. I have an extra mic that is still in the package. On the back it has a tiny graph of the frequency response. If you go to the Shure microphone web site, you can look at the specs for there very popular SM58 microphone, The RadioShack mic`s upper frequency response actually looks flatter than the SM58 out to about 15 Khz. It would be helpful if the Radio shack graph had more resolution so we would know exactly where the upper frequency cut off actually is. It is actually well above the 10 Khz stated in the specs on the back of the package. Don`t get me wrong. The SM58 is a great microphone for live performances where the performer is belting out a tune with the mike almost touching their face. SM58s are really rugged. If you like to swing your microphone around by it`s mic cord and occasionally dropping it on the stage (Roger Daltrey) this is the microphone for you. I own two SM57s (same mic with a smaller wind screen). It just isn`t the right microphone for some applications such as DIY audio projects. By the way. The SM58 will set you back about $100. The Radio Shack mic is an ok vocal mic...

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