OverUnity Lead Acid Battery Switching Self Battery Charging

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The only way to know how fast a particular battery can recharge itself is to put it under load, vary the switching frequencies, on / off times, & then plot the results. A circuit drawing 0. 5 Amps at 12 Volts will charge a battery slowly, so increasing the power used to 2 amps or more is something you should be looking at if you want a fast charger

OverUnity Lead Acid Battery Switching Self Battery Charging
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. The 555 needs at least 3 volts before it will begin to self oscillate. Once the 555 circuit starts to oscillate, the power switching will take over & will continue to charge the supercap until it is fully charged. The relay placed across the low value resistor is used as a current regulator or short circuit protection circuit. Its cheap & effective. The switching part of the circuit can be constructed using a N-Type Mosfet but it makes life much harder, so just get the right parts if you are going to try this. Also I could not find a direct pinout for the P-Type mosfet IRF5305. The data sheets forgot to tell us what the pins were. I have already build a battery desulator base on PIC12F629 using 8 pin micro-processor could recover even 0. 9v maintenance free Lead-acid battery(2Ah) to 12volts in 2days. Even some of circuit people build tend to use a "lead-acid battery" when they noticed a rise in battery voltage, the creator of circuit thought they have have created OU device. A real OU device should be running on ultra-caps or nimh battery where the internal self-discharge rate is higher. If there is voltage increase in cap or nimh then it could be the real deal without using any input batteries. The switching cycle is 55us on with 1s off in infinte loop for programming the PIC12F629. This is just a replica of 555 base found in instructables site. I did micro-processor version merely to lower component count. Please look...

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