PBL3717A motor stepper driver circuit design electronic project

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The PBL3717A motor stepper driveris a monolithic IC which controls and drives one phase of a bipolar stepper motor with chopper control of the phase current. Current levels may be selected in three steps by means of two logic inputs which select one of three current comparators. When both of these inputs are high the device is disabled. A separate

PBL3717A motor stepper driver circuit design electronic project
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logic input controls the direction of current flow. The logic inputs I0 and I1 set at three different levels the amplitude of the current flowing in the motor winding. A high level on the "PHASE" logic input sets the direction of that current from output A to output B and a low level from output B to output A. In this bipolar stepper motor driver project, the Vss is the logic power and must be around 5 volt and VS is the motor power and must be between 10 and 46 volts.

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