PC Based Wireless Stepper Motor control Circuit PCB

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Stepper motors find lots of applications in process control, machine tools and robotics. Especially in robotics and process control, bit is necessary to control the stepper motor from a remote place. Here you will get the transmitter and receiver circuit diagrams and Full source code for the application program. Here we describe how to wirelessly

PC Based Wireless Stepper Motor control Circuit PCB
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control a stepper motor from a remote place by using RF modules. For this wireless stepper-motor control system, you need to design and develop the required hardware and software. The parallel port of the PC is used to control the direction of the stepper motor at the transmitter side. RF interface is used instead of IR to overcome all the drawbacks of the IR interface. The PC signals are transmitted from the RF transmitter and received by the RF receiver. Fig. 1 shows the block diagram for PC-based wireless control of a stepper motor. The signals from the parallel port of the PC are interfaced to the RF transmitter through an encoder. The encoder continuously reads the status of the relay switches, passes the data to the RF transmitter and the transmiter transmits the data. At the receiving end, the RF receiver receives this data and gives it to the decoder. The decoder converts the single-bit data into four-bit data and presents to the stepper-motor driver. Now, the driver per- Encoder HT12E has eight address and another four address/data lines. The data set on these twelve lines (address and address/data lines) is serially transmitted when transmit-enable pin TE is taken low. The data output appears serially on DOUT pin. It is transmitted four times in succession. The data consists of differing for 1. ` The frequency of these pulses may lie between 1. 5 and 7kHz depending on the resistance value between OSC1 and OSC2...

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