PET Repair Model 4016

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I currently own 3 metal case PETs, a working 8032 that I restored about a year ago (was working, just needed physical TLC, and still needs a tube), another 8032 that has never worked, and a 4016 that has never worked. I finally got the bug to start working on them. I`m excited about the 4016, because I just stumbled into the `No PETS Allowed` demo, which I thought was fantastic,

PET Repair Model 4016
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

and I wanted to see it for myself on a real PET. I understand that I need 32K of RAM, but maybe that will come later. It at least motivated me to get out the old 4016 and start working on it. So I`m in need of some direction. I have some electronics background, but my skills are pretty stale, and I don`t have huge confidence in my circuit tracing skills. I can solder like nobody`s business though! I was searching online, and I found this awesome forum. I was thrilled that there`s such knowledgeable people online. I`ve read several threads, and found the information fascinating. So I joined up and here`s my first post!

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