Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Used in digital voltmeters to convert AC waveform to full-waverectified DC equivalent. First 3130 opamp is used as polarity separator, with negative-going signals appearing across upper 10K resistor and positive-going signals across lower 10K resistor. Output of opamp exceeds these voltage drops by exactly diode voltage drop. Second opamp stage re

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combines positive and negative peaks. 5K trimming pot is adjusted so both peaks are equal height. Output of second opamp is negative-going full-wave replica of input signal. After filtering, output is average DC value in range from 0 to -1. 5 V for 0-3 V P-P input. -D. Lancaster, "CMOS Cookbook, " Howard VV. Sams, Indianapolis, IN, 1977, p 345-346.

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