PSPICE Examples for EE-201

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Computes the gain and the input and output resistances and automatically sends the results to the output file. To specify the transfer function, choose Setup from the Analysis menu and open the Transfer Function dialog box. In the Output Variable box specify the output voltage, and in the Input Source box type the input source name. The transfer f

PSPICE Examples for EE-201
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unction analysis can be used conveniently to obtain the Thevenin`s equivalent circuit. The use of this analysis to obtain the Thevenin`s equivalent circuit is demonstrated in the following example We want to obtain the Thevenin`s equivalent circuit with respect to the 3. 5 W resistor. The 3. 5 W resistor is replaced by an open circuit. Since in PSpice two or more elements must be connected to each node, the 3. 5 W resistor is replaced by an infinitely high value resistor as shown. A VIEWPOINT is added at node 4 to display the open-circuit voltage (Thevenin`s voltage). To obtain the output or Thevenin`s resistance, the transfer Function is enabled. In the Output variable box we type V(4), and in the Input Source box, we type V1. DC voltage or current sources may be swept over a range through the use of the DC Sweep Analysis. The DC Sweep is similar to the node voltage analysis, but adds more flexibility. In the DC sweep, the input variable is varied over a range of values. For each value of the input variable, the DC operating point is computed. If the transfer function is also enabled the small-signal DC gain and the input/output resistances are also computed. For the circuit shown print and plot the voltage V23, IR2, and IR3 as the input voltage is varied from 0 to 100 V in 5 V increment. Select the Setup from the analysis menu, click the DC Sweep dialog button. The DC Sweep dialog box appears. For the Sweep Variable type...

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