Parallel port programming

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The setting of delay timing of program will depend on CPU speed. You can use the timing delay on C+ library so you can set the standard timing at any computer but the minimun time delay can achieved was 1ms. It can be improved at less than milisecond by certain timing technic. You can learn more timing technic with document : pctim003. - a lot

Parallel port programming
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of good information about the parallel port, serial com port and other PC peripheral interfacing. - -pc interfecing and a lot of programming tutorial, source code and information This cooler had been tested and working well but not test on any CPU yet. The PWM controller and peltier element can buy from The prices for peltier element between US12. 5 to US15 for each unit (power from 60W to 80W). This pelteir cooler not only use for cooling the CPU, it is also can be use as portable battery-operated cold reservoir, laser diode cooler, liquid cooling and so on. Two 1. 8 degree stepper motor used for this project. However the resolution can be increased to 0. 9 degree or 400 step per resolution by half step driving method. The stepper motor driver using programmed pic16f84 or pic16f627/8 MCU as controller chip. Click here stepper controller to shown the circuit diagram. For more detail of this circuit, go to the pic microcontroller page pic project. A few photo of plotter shown as bellow The software used to test the X-Y motion (writte under Delphi 5) can download here: X-Y motion test. The mechanical design of center supporting shaft to obtaining smooth movement without needed of carefully aligment. Two end of one movement axis was supported by bearing. You can attach the small power CO2 laser to this X-Y table as laser cutting or marking system. You can also attach a pen to the X-Y table as simple plotter system. The...

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