Parameter Variation Machines

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Understanding of the concept of `Hysteresis` is very important. When generally considered, this phenomena gives rise to losses seen in the dielectric of a capacitor or lamination of a transformer, these can be seen in the form of heat(emission of infrared photons). Alternatively it can remove work from a circuit without associated heat loss (a new form of loss not described in any common textbook),

Parameter Variation Machines
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and oppositely impart work to the circuit from cooling of the environment surrounding the cicuit element (absorption of infrared photons). In the theoretical investigation of electric induction the propagating velocity of the transverse electro-magnetic (T. E. M. ) component of induction is the only propagation constant considered. The propagation throughout space of the independent magnetic field of induction and the independent dielectric field of induction is not considered. In reality, however, these fields of induction start at the conductor and propagate from there throughout space at a definite velocity; that is, at any point in space the field of induction of magnetism or dielectricity at any moment in time corresponds not to the condition of induction at the conductor at that moment but that at a moment earlier by the time of propagation from the conductor to the point in space under consideration. Hence the given field of induction lags in time the more, the greater the distance from the conductor. This lag in phase with respect to distance results in the cycle of energy return of the field of induction falling behind its point of phase opposition with the cycle of energy storage. This lag in phase gives rise to an energy component, that is an effective magnetic resistance or an effective dielectric conductance to the reactance or susceptance of the magnetic & dielectric fields respectively. The phase angle of...

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