Pausing Simulation with the Measurement Probe in NI Multisim

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

NI Multisim software offers advanced virtual instruments and analyses to help you gain a deeper and more complex understanding of the operation of your design. One of these tools, the measurement probe, can be a quick and functional interface to the characteristics of your circuit as well as an advanced tool to customize the simulation process inMultisim.

Pausing Simulation with the Measurement Probe in NI Multisim
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With the advanced features of the probe, you can use the instantaneous voltages and currents at a particular node to access and display information in the Description Edit Box and pause your simulation as discussed in this article. An important feature for many designers, the measurement probe provides quick access to the voltage, current, and frequency of a particular node during simulation. You can easily place multiple instances of the probe at any node of a circuit from the Instruments toolbar (circled in red in Figure 1). Once a probe is connected to a node on a Multisim schematic, a yellow data region immediately communicates the time-varying characteristics of the circuit as shown in Figure 2. The measurement probe`s advanced features can also assist you in analyzing and customizing the simulation of a circuit. For example, you can set your simulation to pause based on a predetermined condition so you can check that a circuit is functioning properly during set increments of simulation. In the Probe Properties dialog box, you can set the probe to pause simulation for a discrete amount of time when net 14 reaches a certain voltage value (in this case, whenever you reach a value greater than 2 V). 6. To add a pause condition, click on the New button (circled in red in Figure 3). This enables the settings in the bottom of the window to build the final expression. You can enter the condition at which an action is taken in...

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