Perfboard Hackduino Arduino-compatible circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

ATMega168 or 328microcontroller chip w/Arduino bootloader (you can use the one on your Arduino for now!) $4. 00-$5. 50 - buy unbootloaded mouser (cheaper) / buy bootloaded sparkfun (expensive) I have created a Mouser project that includes everything you will need, except for the perfboard itself(Mouser doesn`t carry a good one at a good price). Al

Perfboard Hackduino Arduino-compatible circuit
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so, this is the blank ATMega328- so you will need to bootload the chip yourself. Also keep in mind that ordering in multiples makes everything cheaper! Here is the Mouser project. First step is to figure out what exactly what you are putting into this circuit. For this tutorial all we will build, other than the ATMega necessities, is a voltage regulator, so I am leaving space at the top of the board for this. I also recommend leaving some space towards the bottom for a capacitor. However, if you know this will include much more than just the ATMega circuit, you should plan this out on your board now, and install the IC socket appropriately. Most IC`s (Integrated Circuits), and consequently their corresponding sockets, have a notch on one end. In this photo, you`ll see the notch is towards the top of the board. This is extremely important to pay attention to both while building the circuit and when inserting the chip during the last step. LM7805 circuit goes next. The 7805 allows you to power the circuit with a 9v battery or even 12v DC power supply, and ouputs 5v which is what our chip wants. With the chair  facing you, solder the 10nF capacitor connecting the right two legs of the 7805. In this position, from left to right, the pins areinput voltage-ground-output voltage(5v).

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