Phoenix From Start to End

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Time to learn by example. This tutorial will take you through all steps in creating a discrete sound emulation for Phoenix. You will learn how to interface the discrete sound code to the driver, and how the schematic is transcribed into discrete code. With lots of pretty pictures along the way. This is current as of MAME 104. You will find other c

Phoenix From Start to End
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ode in the files mentioned in this tutorial. But if it has nothing to do with discrete programming, it will be ignored. You should also view the actual source files mentioned to get a better idea how it all fits together as a completed file. Well then, lets get started. The start of the game driver is in the srcdrivers folder. The driver file contains the basic structure linking all parts together. It contains the CPU memory maps, ROM info and information on how the rest of the system is hooked up. Such as video, sound, inputs etc. All game sound code should be put in the srcsndhrdw folder. There is also a srcsound folder. This is for the various sound components used by a game`s sound hardware. So the game`s sound driver goes in srcsndhrdw but it will access routines from srcsound. You also should make a header file in the srcheaders directory for your game. In the header you will put declarations for routines, data and defines that will be used between the various files. First lets start the sound driver basics. We need to create the file in srcsndhrdw. We will call it phoenix. c. Then we need to start and end the discrete system. Also a name is needed to reference the discrete system. In this case "phoenix_discrete_interface". Don`t forget the includes at the start of the file. We need to add the interface name to the includesphoenix. h file so it can be accessed externally. We will also include the discrete header here...

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