Polaris Jet Ski Model SLTX 1050

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

A Polaris Jet Ski Model SLTX 1050 3 cylinder, 1998 year. Unit was running when it blew piston. I removed engine and rebuilt and put back together only now it will not start - can not get it to spark. ` I followed the manual` on disassembly and re-assembly, I believe I have not in some way set the timing properly at the stator. Could you help me with this problem or recommend someone to whom I may call to discuss

Polaris Jet Ski Model SLTX 1050
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this with as I am apparently` not doing something right in the timing process.

I am following the Polaris Shop Manual only it shows the 1998 modle and does not show the 1999 year which I actually believe I have as it does appear to be slightly different. So to be safe - Please send details on the Static timing and I will re-check it again. Please note that I am a mechanic and have another mechanic working on my Jet Ski in my shop - I have a machine shop and do special marine custom fabrication. I had to make the heads `new` from aluminum as I only had one head when I purchased the boat `do not know` where the other two went to. I cc the heads and block and did a final compression test after installation with all three cylinders at exactly 140 psi. So I assume that the new heads are Ok/good. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX: XXXXXXX

If the stator wires are all unplugged from the CDI and electrical box (as they should be for ohm testing), then there should be infinite or near infinite ohms (open connection) between all of the Hall Effect sensor wires and the engine block. Per the attached diagram, the Hall Effect sensor can be tested by powering it with a 9 volt battery, and rotating the engine slowly to observe the resistance change as each flywheel trigger magnet passes the sensor. The wiring for the stator does not match the 2000 wiring diagram you provided - so I guess we do not have the updated ignition system. AND If the...

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