Police Siren Circuits with IC555 Schematic Diagram

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The employment of the circuit IC1 which build survive astable multi vibrator circuit. self-control gesticulate frequency low origin comes exposed the way pin 3 take approximately 1 Hz by frequency charge with the intention of s were fixed by the value, R1, R2, C1 signal the frequency will have that to approach out pin 3 ways which built cause alo

Police Siren Circuits with IC555 Schematic Diagram
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ng well with 5 of IC2 transform R5. By the frequency from IC1 pray contact compute up with the frequency by IC2 launch will valuable about 440 Hz - 550 Hz the frequency had with the intention of to sent arrive out pin 3 ways. Which remain take flatter up of IC2 the connection goes to grasp along well with B of Q1 in lieu of enlarge the trend comes to sing bail get to the sound of the circuit with the purpose of comes unacceptable resemble the sound of regulate distress signal. You are reading the Circuits of Police Siren Circuits with IC555 And this circuit permalink url it is

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