Portable Mixer

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A low noise circuit equipped with a variable voltage-gain (10 - 100) pre-set, primarily intended as high quality microphone input, also suitable for low-level line input. Tone Control Module: a three-band (Bass, Middle, Treble) tone control circuit providing unity-gain when its controls are set to flat frequency response. It can be inserted after one or more Input Amplifier Modules and/or after the Main

Portable Mixer
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Mixer Amplifiers. The image below shows a Block diagram of the entire mixer featuring four Input Amplifier Modules followed by four in-out switchable Tone Control Modules, one stereo Line input, four mono Main Faders, one stereo dual-ganged Main Fader, four Pan-Pots, a stereo Main Mixer Amplifier Module and two further Tone Control Modules switchable in and out for each channel, inserted before the main Left and Right outputs. To parts listed above should be added: one Main on-off SPST switch, a LED used as pilot-light with its dropping 2K2 1/4W series-resistor, DPDT switches to enable or omit Tone Control Modules as shown in the Block diagram, input and output connectors of the type preferred, one stereo dual-gang 100K potentiometer to fade the Stereo Line Input as shown in the Block diagram, battery clip, PP3 9V battery, knobs etc.

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