Power Quality Improvement Using Switch Mode Regulator

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Phase controlled AC voltage regulator, (a) Using back to back SCR and diode and (b) using inverse parallel SCR (c) Using diode-bridge and single SCR Figure 30. Input and output voltage waveforms for input 250V and output 300V. V1(V5): Input voltage- bottom figure, V(R14:2): Output voltage top figure. Power quality describes the quality of voltage and current.

Power Quality Improvement Using Switch Mode Regulator
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It is an important consideration in industries and commercial applications. Power quality problems commonly faced are transients, sags, swells, surges, outages, harmonics and impulses [ 1 ]. Among these voltage sags and extended under voltages have large negative impact on industrial productivity, and could be the most important type of power quality variation for many industrial and commercial customers [ 1 - 5 ]. Voltage sags is mainly due to the fault occurring in the transmission and distribution system, loads like welding and operation of building construction equipment, switching of the loaded feeders or equipments. Both momentary and continuous voltage sags are undesirable in complex process controls and household appliances as they use precision electronic and computerized control. Major problems associated with the unregulated long term voltage sags include equipment failure, overheating and complete shutdown. Tap changing transformers with silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCR) are usually used as a solution of continuous voltage sags [ 6 ]. They require large transformer with many SCRs to control the voltage at the load which lacks the facility of adjusting to momentary changes. Some solutions have been suggested in the past to encounter the problems of voltage sag [ 7 - 11 ]. But these proposals have not been realized practically to replace conventional tap changing transformers. Now a day`s various power...

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