Practical Method for Production of Water Fuel with Piezoelectric

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

His transducer is out of a humidifier and it operates at 48 Khz. It has the driver circuit too. Easy access for mods. I may have to go to walmart. From the looks of things, as I am taking apart one of the two transducers I have - They look like they`re not going to give up their little circutboard easily. This leads me to the conclusion, we will effectively have to build

Practical Method for Production of Water Fuel with Piezoelectric
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our own circutboard, or find one. Is there any way we can have circutboards made through an onlinecompany, and then distributed through this group I might know a few of them that wouldn`t be too expensive. Like I said though - It is not my area of expertise. I do not think I have the technical-know-how to build one of those things from scratch. I`m currently looking up the how-to`s - but I think there must be a faster way. So, what I am proposing, is to make a joint effort to create the circutboard/oscilator circut, and then we would purchase them, distribute them - and effectively have the same working oscillator on the transducer in the end. I could then put the spark gap outside the pipe, and into a secondary mist chamber. The primary "mister" would be governed by the "influencer" to produce more HHO. The secondary chamber would be towards adding more water vapor, so that the mixture does not become too HHO rich. petar113507, Is the item in your hand in the last picture the inside bottom (or top) of the ultrasonic fogger If so it`s no surprise that it appears to be encased in silicone or some other potting material since the unit has to be underwater. If it`s silicone rubber like it may be possible to peel away the silicone to get at the circuit but if it`s a harder material it`s probably going to difficult to avoid damaging the circuit. I think it would be fairly easy to build a circuit but I would mostly be concerned...

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