Preamplifier For Soundcard

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This circuit can be used for inductive pick-up elements and dynamic microphones Most soundcards have a line` input and one for an electret (condenser) microphone. To be able to connect an inductive tape-recorder head or a dynamic microphone, an add-on preamplifier is needed. Even in this day and age of integrated microelectronics, a transistorised

Preamplifier For Soundcard
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circuit built from discrete part has a right of existence. The preamplifier described in this short article goes to show that it will be some time before discrete transistors are part of the silicon heritage. The preamplifier is suitable for use with a soundcard or the microphone input of a modem. As you will probably know, most sound-cards have input sockets for signals at line level (stereo), as well as one for a (mono) electret microphone. For the applications we have in mind, connecting-up an inductive pick-up element or a dynamic microphone, both inputs are in principle suitable, provided the source signal is amplified as required. The author eventually chose the microphone input on the soundcard. Firstly, because the line inputs are usually occupied, and secondly, because the bias voltage supplied by the micro-phone input eliminates a separate power supply for the preamplifier. The microphone input of a soundcard will typically consist of a 3. 5-mm jack socket in stereo version, although only one channel is available. The free contact is used by the soundcard to supply a bias voltage to the mono electret microphone. This voltage is accepted with thanks by the present preamplifier, and conveniently obviates an external (mains adaptor) power supply. In true transistor-design fashion, the preamplifier consists of three stages. Capacitor C1 decouples the signal received from the microphone or pick-up element, and feeds...

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