Precision Triangular-Wave Generator Uses a Single IC

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This application note outlines the implementation of a single-supply, triangular wave oscillator using the MAX9000 and some passive components. The application circuit uses an op amp, comparator, and a voltage reference as active building blocks. The MAX9000 is chosen because it integrates these three components. The linearity of triangul

Precision Triangular-Wave Generator Uses a Single IC
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ar waveforms makes triangular wave generators useful in many "sweep" circuits and test equipment. For example, switched-mode power supplies and induction motor-control circuits often use a triangular wave oscillator as part of the pulse width modulator ( PWM ) circuit. This article presents a compact, triangular wave oscillator using a single MAX9000 IC and some passive components. The MAX9000 device family integrates a high-speed operational amplifier, a high-speed comparator, and a precision bandgap reference. Figure 1 shows a basic triangular wave generator circuit. It is comprised of two basic building blocks: an integrator to generate the triangular wave output, and a comparator with external hysteresis (Schmitt trigger) to set the amplitude of the triangular wave as desired. The op amp is configured as an integrator to provide the triangular output. This approach is based on the simple fact that integration of a constant voltage results in a linear ramp. The integrator`s output is fed back to its inverting input by a Schmitt trigger. The input threshold voltages of the Schmitt trigger are designed to change state corresponding to the desired peak voltages of the triangular wave output. There is a drawback to the circuit in Figure 1: the peaks of the triangular wave can only be symmetrical about the reference voltage applied to the comparator`s inverting input. To generate a triangular wave from 0. 5V to 4. 5V, for...

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