Precision current sink sourcel

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Adopted operation amplifier can obtain constant voltage source with high amplification factor and large load current, when the circuit parameter has great change, the output voltage still have high precision. The output current limit is undertaken by T3, T4 and positive feedback circuit which is composed of operation amplifier. The technical param

Precision current sink sourcel
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eters of this circuit: input voltage: UE=7~18V; maximum output voltage: Umax=UE-2V; maximum load current: Imax=5A. (View) The oscillator which is composed of unijunction transistor Q1 will produce a series of timing pluse triggering thyristor, and then the thyristor drives red LED. When the flash speed is 12/s, the work current is only 2mA. (View) When the switch teleprinter is inductive load, optical isolator provides teleprinter, 8080A or other microprocessors with protection transit. RC filter with darlington transistor pair accelerates the reset of printing magnet. (View)

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