Precision frequency counter tachometer

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Precision frequency counter/tachometer. The ICM7207A provides a 1-second gating window and the store and reset signals. The display reads hertz directly. With pin 11 of the ICM7207A connected to V+ the gating time will be 0. 1 second, which gives tens of hertz in the LSB position. For shorter gating times a 6. 5536 MHz crystal may be used, giving a

Precision frequency counter tachometer
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0. 01-second gating with pin 11 connected to V+ and a 0. 1-second gating with pin 11 open. To implement the 4-digit tachometer the ICM7207A with a 1-second gating should be used. In order to get the display to read directly in RPM the rotational frequency must be multiplied by 60. This can be done electronically using a PLL or mechanically using a disc rotating with the object with appropriate hole drilled for light from an LED to a photodevice (courtesy Intersil, Inc. ).

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