Pro Co Rat Input & Output Buffers Guitar

In some versions you don`t have the input buffer at all, and in some versions the buffer transistors have different biasing or different transistors. Some have even BIG errors. Errorswith the biasing, errors with the transistor symbols. I understand that the devices are symmetrical, and that means it really doesn`t matter which way you connect the drain and the source. The second

thing that catches my eye is that it seems the devices are supposed to be run with negative Vgs voltages, and that at 0 Vgs, the transistor is fully on. In other words the cut-off voltage Vgsoff is negative. I read somewhere that some guy has made this circuit with different in/out buffers, even with no buffers at all. It`s looks like the output buffer is more crucial, since in the latter Rat versions the input buffer was discarded anyway. What would the circuit be like without both buffers I guess a guitar amplifier shouldn`t be that big load. But I guess it influences the LM308 too much

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