Programmable power supply design study of the integrated test system of guided missile

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The programmable power supply is the association of one of the integrated test system of guided missile, are used for offering and testing various required direct-flow stabilized voltage supply of guided missile, in addition have functions such as monitoring, overvoltage, excessive load automatic protection, etc. in real time of output voltage. Thi

Programmable power supply design study of the integrated test system of guided missile
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s association is made up of eight pieces of breadboard inserted on the standard 100 mother strip, including 40V/- 43V power panel, 24V continuously adjustable power panel, 20V/ 22V power panel, 20V power panel, 5V/- 80V power panel, power measure and last board, before keyset and behind make up keyset. The functional block diagram of programmable power supply is shown as in Fig. 1, the industrial computer switches over the output voltage of the power through PCL812PG data collecting card figure I/O passway, utilize D/A to output the comparative voltage which regulates PWM in order to control the continuous change of output voltage, monitor the output of the power in real time through A/D passway. 1 The input 30V after voltage transformer of the city power of the incoming circuit 220V/50Hz is exchanged, sends into the switching circuit after full-wave rectification and electrolytic capacitor E2, E3 are filtered. E2, E3 fetch 2200 F, it uses ESR value of reducing the Filtering capacitance in parallel. 2 Adopt the switch stabilized voltage supply of the series type in the circuit design of the switching circuit, the pulse width modulator is SG3524, power switching element is 2N6277, the circuit sets up protective circuit of pressure flow, as the power supply is pressed, at the time of the excessive load, the direct current of the automatic key-out is input, thus the purpose to achieve protective circuit. The operating...

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