Posted on Feb 7, 2014

In that article I wrote about how I used an Arduino to create an interface that would allow me to directly control my fireplaces from my home automation system. That solution worked great and I was successful in running two fireplaces from the single controller for a year

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with no issues. What I didn`t like though was that the completed project was bulky and I wanted something much smaller that I could put under the fireplace, thus out of sight! To accomplish this, I decided to buy a couple of Model B Raspberry Pi`s to replace the Arduino. WARNING: Let me interject here that one should exercise EXTREME caution before deciding to implement any kind of automated home controls such as those I will outline below! If you`re not comfortable dealing with electrical circuits then STOP here. Also be aware that your fireplace is supplied with natural gas or propane and working with its components presents a hazard. If you don`t know what you`re doing STOP and hire a professional to help you. The first thing I did was set my DHCP server up to assign specific addresses to each Pi. These are the addresses that my HA system uses to trigger the on/off events. Start by installing Raspbian. My implementations will be headless so I chose not to run a desktop thus reducing a little bit of overhead. There are tons of install examples online so I won`t cover that here. Once complete, run: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet dhcp #iface wlan0 inet manual auto wlan0 allow-hotplug wlan0 iface wlan0 inet dhcp wpa-ssid "yourSSID" wpa-psk "yourPASSWORD" iface default inet dhcp wpa-roam /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant. conf By default, Raspian will try to manage the adapter`s power use by putting it to...

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