Programming the AVR Microcontroller with GCC

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

It`s a single integrated circuit with EEPROM, Ram, Analog to Digital converter, a lot of digital input and output lines, timers, UART for RS 232 communication and many other things. The best is however that a complete programming environment is available under Linux: Yo

Programming the AVR Microcontroller with GCC
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

u can program this Microcontroller in C using GCC. In this article I will explain how to install and use GCC. I will as well explain how to load the software into the Microcontroller. All you need for this are an AT90S4433 Microcontroller, a 4Mhz crystal, some cable and a few other very cheap parts. This article shall be only an introduction. In a later article we will build a LCD display with a few push buttons, analog and digital inputs, hardware watchdog and LEDs. The idea is that this will be a general purpose control panel for a Linux Server but first we will learn how to setup the programming environment and that is what this article is about. We will install all the programs to /usr/local/atmel. This is to keep the program separate from your normal Linux C compiler. Create this directory with the command: The binutils package provides all the low-level utilities needed for building object files. It includes an AVR assembler (avr-as), linker (avr-ld), library handling tools (avr-ranlib, avr-ar), programs to generate object files loadable to the Microcontroller`s EEPROM (avr-objcopy), disassembler (avr-objdump) and utilities such as avr-strip and avr-size. We will start with a small test circuit. The purpose of this circuit is just to test our development environment. We can use it to compile, download and test a simple program. The program will just cause a LED to blink. I suggest to make a small printed circuit board...

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