Proximity Sensor-based Remote Control Remote Control Demonstrator Board

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Many of todays high performance FPGAs Microproces- sors, DSP and industrial/embedded subsystems require sequencing of the input power PS10 PS11. Historically this has been accomplished: i) discretely using Comparators references & RC circuits; ii) using expensive programmable control- lers; or iii) with low voltage Sequencers requiring resistor d

Proximity Sensor-based Remote Control Remote Control Demonstrator Board
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rop downs and several high voltage Optocoupler or level shift components. The PS10 11 saves board space, improves accuracy, eliminates Optocouplers or level shifts and reduces overall component count by combining four Timers programmable input UV/OV supervisors, a programmable POR and four 90V open drain outputs. A high reliability, high voltage, junction isolated process allows the PS10 11 to be con- nected directly across the high voltage input rails. The power-on-reset interval (POR) may be programmed by a capacitor on Cramp. To sequence additional sys- tems, PS10 11 may be daisy chained together. If at any time the input supply falls outside the UV/OV detector range the PWRGD outputs will immediately become IN- ACTIVE. Down sequencing may be accomplished with additional components (see page 11). By Supertex, Inc.

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