Proximity detector electronic project circuit design

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A very simple proximity detector can be made using this electronic scheme. This electronic circuit reacts to the presence of a conductive object within a particular field. Circuit sensitivity can be adjusted with potentiometer P1 for the desired distance. The electronic circuit consists essentially of a monostable oscillator and a tipping stage. O

Proximity detector electronic project circuit design
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scillator is built with transistor T1. This is why a flap that oscillator frequency is particularly stable, because the capacity of the transistor is in parallel with relatively large capacities C1 and C2 of the oscillating circuit. Surface acts as a sensor oscillator circuit capacity of, capacity may be small in comparison with C1 and C2. in this configuration, the oscillator operates at about 1 MHz. High frequency signal is amplified and eventually rectified. In this way receives a control pulse to monostable tipping stage consisting of T3 and T4. By using VFET`s possible to order the relay switching by tipping stage. Switching time is determined by adjusting potentiometer P2.

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