Pyroelectric Fire Alarm System Diagram

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Pyroelectric Fire Alarm System Diagram. The front end of the circuit contains a sensitive signal amplifier constructed close to IC1 (CA3130). It delivers a high output when temperature near the piezo component raises. IC CA3130 is really a CMOS operational amplifier with gate protected p-channel MOSFETs inside the inputs. It has high speed of oper

Pyroelectric Fire Alarm System Diagram
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ation and low input current specifications. There are certainly two inputs-the non-inverting input (pin 3) connected to the piezo component via diode D7 (OA71) that carries the voltage signal from the piezo component and the inverting input (pin 2) that gets a preset voltage through VR1. This is definitely an ultra-sensitive fire sensor that exploits the direct piezoelectric property of an ordinary piezo component to recognize the fire. The lead zirconate titanate crystals within the piezo component have the property to deform and produce an electrical potential when heated, thus converting the piezo component into a heat sensor. The circuit mentioned. This is the shutter guard circuit which has sensitive vibration sensor, piezo-sensor. This circuit is specifically designed for outlets to defend towards theft. It can recognize any mechanical or acoustic vibration in its area when somebody attempts to break the shutter and instantly turn on a lamp and sound an alert alarm. A 15-minute time. This is the circuit diagram of seismic / vibration sensor. The circuit simulates a seismic sensor to detect vibrations/sounds. It`s really sensitive and may detect vibrations due to the motion of animals or human beings. So it could be utilized to monitor protected locations to restrict entry of undesirable individuals or animals. The circuit applies. This is the fire alarm circuit which use LDR to sense the smoke from the fire, so it can...

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