RC Audio Oscillator

Here is the design of an audio oscillator that runs at approximately 1 KHz. I don`t remember where I got this circuit, probably from EMFRD, since Wes`s book is a treasure trove of useful circuits. This handy oscillator can be used as a source of audio for testing out audio stages in receivers and the like, or as a stable signal source for testing

microphone circuits in transmitter. Aschematic of the audio oscillator. What is not shown is the 8-volt regulator circuitry that is part of the finished module. Just use your favorite part and circuitry there, it isn`t critical at all. This view shows a bit more detail of the 0. 01 uF capacitors, the red-orange units in the foreground, used along with the 5. 6K resistors to set the frequency of oscillation. These capacitors can be changed for a higher or lower audio tone.

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