Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A popular circuit known as a Hartley oscillator. Its identifiable feature is the tapped coil in the LC tank circuit. Notice that the coil`s tap point is grounded. The amplifier portion of the oscillator is a common-emitter amplifier. Therefore, the ac base voltage and ac collector voltage are 180 out of phase. This means that the feedback network must provide an additional 180 phase

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shift so that the feedback voltage is of the correct phase to sustain oscillations. To help you understand the circuit`s operation, it has been redrawn in Fig. 2-2( b). Notice that L 1 is in parallel with L 2 and C 3 in series. At the resonant frequency of the tank circuit, the net reactance of the L 2 C 3 branch appears capacitive. Also, the net capacitive reactance of the L 2 C 3 branch equals the inductive reactance of the L 1 branch. This gives us the following mathematical relationship.

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