RF-Radio Frequency 6

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This circuit can be designed to attenuate signal frequency. Customizable from 1 to 40 dB. If you want to use the band uhf, should be fitted within the frame shield, and C1 to C3 type feeds true. The line should be as short as possible, and the diode should be a kind of low capacity on high speed. The potentiometer can be installed separately, if des

RF-Radio Frequency 6
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ired, as well as R3 and Zener diode Interference from ignition noise pulse of the engine, it can cause various problems associated with radio communication equipment installed in the car. This circuit improves signal to noise ratio (S / N-ratio) was better, To connected between the output of the detector circuit with the audio input (if high impedance) or region of the impedance between the high dance audio section. The automatic Gian control circuit also AGC with audio signal is simplest for compress to signal in the Radio receiver. It is ideal for short wave radio receiver used in areas with weak signals. You should adjust the master volume control dress until the desired signal intensity. While tuning the receiver to the station light, then gradually tuned to the power station and adjust the AGC pot until the pressure in the hearing as needed This circuit was designed as an aid to installers and maintainers of video systems. It is basically a video sync separator (IC1) followed by a LED and buzzer driver (IC2, Q1 & Q2). In use, the device is connected to a video cable and if there is video present, the LED will flash at about 10Hz. If there is no video, the LED flashes briefly every couple of seconds. A buzzer can also be switched in to provide an audible indication. The buzzer is particularly useful when tracing cabling faults or trying to find a correct cable amongst many, where it is difficult to keep an eye on the...

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