RF Spectrometer

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The A3008, when plugged into the same LWDAQ Multiplexer, can create bad messages in a Data Receiver ( A3018 ). Set the A3008 local oscillator to its minimum (DAC count 0) or maximum (DAC count 255) frequency to reduce the bad message rate. Even better: unplug the A3008 when you`re not using it. The RF Spectrometer (A3008) measures RF powe

RF Spectrometer
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r in 3-MHz windows between 850 MHz and 1100 MHz. If you connect the A3008`s RF input to an antenna, the A3008 will measure the power spectrum of RF signals arriving at the antenna with 1-MHz resolution and sensitivity 10 pW ( ’80 dBm). You can use the A3008 to measure average power or peak power. If you would like some help with radio-frequency jargon, see our presentation of Terminology. The A3008 is a LWDAQ device. The LWDAQ software `s RFPM Instrument (radio frequency power meter) obtains RF power measurements from the A3008 and the Spectrometer Tool gathers these power measurements together into a graph. The A3008 allows us to measure the ambient radio frequency power in the 875 MHz to 1050 MHz range, so that we can choose a 20-MHz wide band free of interference in which to operate our Subcutaneous Transmitter ( A3009 ). We can also use the A3008 to measure the power received by an antenna from such transmitters, even though the transmitters are active for only 7 s out of every 2000 s. The A3008, combined with the RFPM instrument, allow us to measure peak power received rather than average power, and this peak power will detect the bursts of power from our transmitters. The A3008 uses an eight-bit DAC to set the TUNE input of a MAX2624 VCO. For DAC values 0 to 255, the VCO output frequency increases from roughly 850 MHz to 1050 MHz. The A3008`s RF input is amplified and passes into a mixer, where it is downshifted by...

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