RF Tester

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The RF Tester (A3014) is a combination of four circuits. Its purpose is to test several circuit ideas, both by implementing them, and by providing better support circuits for their development. The Modulating Transmitter (A3014MT) replaces our original Modulating Transmitter ( A3001A ). The A3014MT allows you to set the DC voltage applied to a MAX

RF Tester
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2624 with a potentiometer, and then AC couple your modulation waveform through a BNC socket. The SAW Oscillator (A3014SO) uses precise SAW filters to produce precise RF reference frequencies. We can use these as stable, accurate local oscillators for downshifting our RF signals, or we can use them as reference RF signals with which to calibrate our receivers. The TQFP-48 Programmer (A3014TP) uses a TQFP-48 socket to program Lattice Semiconductor LC4064 chips in 48-pin thin quad flat pack packages. This allows us to program the chips before mounting them on a transmitter, so that no programming connection need be present on the transmitter. The Demodulating Receiver (A3014DR) takes as input an LO and RF signal through BNC sockets. The LO should be +7 dBm for optimal operation of the A3014DR`s mixer. The RF signal should be in the 900-MHz ISM band. The A3014DR output is the demodulated RF signal, similar to that of the A3005B. This circuit uses the phase shift and attenuation of SAW filters to create a SAW oscillator. The circuit gives us a choice of three different SAW filter footprints to choose from. We select which footprint to use by means of R1-R3 and C4-C6. The footprints L1, L2, and L3 are for 3. 0-mm, 3. 8-mm, and 5. 0-mm surface mount packages respectively. The 5. 0-mm footprint on the A3014SO is incorrect. It uses pins 2 and 6 for the input and output respectively, instead of pins 1 and 5. The SAW filters in...

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