This application note describes a low cost, high performance UHF short-range Radio ASK receiver design using the Microchip Technology rfRXD0420. The reference design is suitable for: Wireless remote command and control Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Security systems Low power telemetry applications The specifics of this receiver reference design a
RF2516 VHF/UHF TRANSMITTER - schematic

re: Single channel, fixed frequency at 433. 92 MHz ASK modulation Signal rate: 4800 baud Complete schematics and PCB layout are given in Appendix A. Bill of Materials (BOM) are in Appendix B. Gerber files are available in the companion file AN00860B. ZIP. ASK RECEIVER REFERENCE DESIGN Figure 1 is a block diagram of the receiver signal path with external components that apply to ASK operation of the rfRXD0420. In the sections that follow, the purpose of the RF stage, component selection, and performance trade-offs are discussed to assist the designer in understanding, optimizing and/or changing this receiver reference design to suit other applications.

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