RIAA Corrector

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

To listen old vinyl LP`s in a correct sounding on a sassy with dynamic cartridge you need a circuit, named RIAA corrector. This circuit you can find in old amps, but it isn`t embedded in home cinema equipments or amplifiers can be obtained nowadays. Also, if you want to archive your vinyl LP`s in your computer it is necessary to use this RIAA corrector.

RIAA Corrector
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

It is good, if this corrector has a little built-in amplifier to drive small control speakers, or earphones. Schematic of circuit built for this express purpose can be found hier. It has two parts, corrector and amplifier part. The corrector part contains NE5532 integrated circuit with extreme small noise. Resistors are 1% metal film 0, 6W types, condenser`s of this corrector section must be 5% or better, 63 - 100 V types. Corrector section has direct output to external amp or computer. Amplifier section contains integrated amp IC LM1877. It deliver to speakers 2W/channel output power with very low distortion. Potentiometer P1 is for control the output power of the amp section. The whole circuit works from external 12-16 V DC supply. Schematic, photos and PCB layout of the circuitry can be found attached. Short mathematics description of RIAA curve and basics of LP`s production also can be found in attached document.

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