RS232 power supply circuit diagram electronic project design

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This RS232 power supply circuit diagram is an simple RS-232 Line Driver Power Supply, that operates from an input voltage as low as 4. 2V, and delivers an output of ±12V at ±40 mA with an efficiency of better than 70%. This RS232 power supply circuit provides a load regulation of ±1. 25% (from 10% to 100% of full load) and a line regulation of ±

RS232 power supply circuit diagram electronic project design
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0. 08%. Other notable features include a cycle-by-cycle current limit and an output voltage ripple of less than 40 mVp-p. This power supply circuit is based on the LM1578A switching regulator designed by National Semiconductor and can be used to convert the already existing supply into a separate ±12V supply for powering the interface line drivers. The transformer used in the power supply was a Pulse Engineering PE-64287 with turns ratio of Np:Ns:Ns = 1:1. 6:1. 6 and primary inductance of 50. Values for components are : R1 = 10 k ©, R2 = 240 k ©, R3 = 240 k ©, R4 = 0. 1 ©, C1 = 1000 pF, C2 = 18 pF, C3 = 220 F, C4 = 220 F, C5 = 100 F, C6 = 0. 1 F and all diodes are 1N5819 type.

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