Racal RA17C18

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The RA17C18 is modified version of the RA17C12, having a delay compensated IF amplifier and an additional IF output. It is a North American version of the RA17, ie. , it uses all BNC and SO239 connectors, all fasteners have unified threads, and the harmonic mixer (V4) is a 6AS6. It has no BFO, and the IF bandwidth selector has only four positions:

Racal RA17C18
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13KHz, 6. 5KHz, 3KHz, and 1. 2KHz. The receiver is instead equipped with a DC-coupled `Video` output, and a front panel `DC Zero` adjustment which relates to it. The `Shaper Level` control adjusts a peak-level clipping circuit, which affects both the video and audio outputs. The photograph below shows the solid-state power supply and the specialised IF amplifier module. The set originally had a permanently attached mains lead and a voltage selector, but these were replaced (by the author, in ca. 1982) with an input receptacle and two switched mains outlets for adapters (the 3-pole Belling-Lee connector used is no longer type-approved in the UK and is scheduled for replacement).

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